Sophie HONG has been committed to fashion design and creation for more than 30 years. She is active in international fashion stages such as Paris, New York and Tokyo. Her creation is very abundant from costume design to modern art. Sophie HONG brings brand-new visual shock to countless performances with her creativity and persistence in aesthetics.



竇騰璜/ 張李玉菁

Born in Taiwan, Dou and Changlee met each other in the fashion world and have been cooperating with each other well all along. With their unique aesthetics and talents for fashion design, they stood out and won the Taiwan Fashion Design Award during their student lives.Dou and Changlee both believe that,” life is design, and design is life.” Based on human and constantly colliding with tradition and innovation, the designer duo expresses their ideas through clothes, and won Designer of the Year in ELLE Style Awards in 2013.


Graduate student Angus Chiang was shortlisted for LVMH Prize for Young Fashion Designers in 2017.

He was the first person from Taiwan who won this important award.

「ANGUS CHIANG」 is a contemporary menswear label established in 2015 that showcases designs inspired by Taiwanese culture. Angus Chiang offers a unique sense of aesthetic and brings it to life through his vision that mixes humor with joyful spirits.





HANS CHYI is the principal and creative director of fashion brand WISDOM® and the co-founder of Sun3 | Sunsun Museum. He presents his own unique worldview through cross-over of a curator and a designer.

2021 & 2014 the brand WISDOM® won the Shopping Design Best 100 Award.

2021 won the LaVie Creativity 100 – Style Creative Figure Award.

2020 co-curator Taipei Fashion Week theme exhibition

2015 participated in the Taipei Design City Exhibition.

2018 co-curator of Creative Expo Taiwan – The daily of Fashion

2017 London Fashion Week IFS Taiwan Pavilion static exhibition.






SABRA ANDRE is a contemporary avant-garde fashion designer from the Paiwan ethnic group in Dawu, Taitung. In 2011, Andre founded the fashion brand “Sabra Andre ANDRE”, which has been amazed at the International Fashion Week from time to time. His design is imaginative and excellent in using cross-media materials. He often participates in fashion shows at home and abroad, and his footprints have spread all over Paris, New York, mainland China and Canada.